Government Plan

The Government Action Plan reflects the Government of Bahrain’s strategic priorities over the next four years and focuses on delivering sustainable change in line with His Majesty King Hamad’s development programme. Built upon the principles of sustainability, transparency, justice and competitiveness, the Government Action Plan seeks to capitalise on the Kingdom’s resources and capabilities to meet the needs of all Bahrainis.

For the first time, Bahrain’s Council of Representatives were granted full authority to review and approve the four-year plan in February 2015. These new expanded legislative powers followed the outcomes of the National Dialogue and the Constitutional Amendments of 2012. Following their review, the Council of Representatives tabled 52 recommendations, which the Government of Bahrain subsequently approved and incorporated into the Government Action Plan.

The Government Action Plan’s strategic priorities over the next four years (2015-2018) include six categories:


  • Strengthening security and stability and enhancing the democratic system institutions
  • Further bolstering external relations with countries across the globe

Economy and finance

  • Establishing a strong and diverse economy, and a stable financial and monetary system
  • Planning strategic programmes and allocating resources efficiently

Human development and social services

  • Delivery of high quality services that ensure decent living standards for all Bahrainis and enabling them to actively participate in the Kingdom’s development process
  • Sustaining long term efforts to support the advancement of education, healthcare, housing, social welfare and labour market regulation


  • Meeting the current and future needs of all Bahrainis by providing high quality and safe infrastructure that helps achieve sustainable economic growth

Environment and urban development

  • Ensuring the sustainable management of strategic resources in line with international standards to maintain a healthy environment for all

Government performance

  • Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of Government performance
  • Enhancing communication to increase productivity of the public sector, in order to benefit all Bahrainis

The Government Action Plan builds on the Kingdom’s substantial achievements to date, from the critical consensus agreements of the National Dialogue and 2012 constitutional amendments granting greater legislative power to parliament, through to the significant milestone represented by the 2014 parliamentary elections.

A permanent government working team has now been appointed to oversee the implementation of the Government Action Plan, and will be supported by subsidiary teams from various government ministries.