HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister issues Edict (36) of 2022

HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister issues Edict (36) of 2022
His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, today issued Edict (36) of 2022, establishing and forming the National Taskforce on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, hereinafter referred to as "Taskforce".According to the edict, the  Taskforce shall be chaired by the Minister of Health, and comprise the following members:
1-  Assistant Undersecretary of Public Health at the Ministry of Health.
2-  Director of the Public Health Directorate at the Ministry of Health.
3-  Director of the Health Promotion Directorate at the Ministry of Health.
4-  Director of the Testing and Metrology Directorate at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
5-  Director of the Animal Health Directorate at the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture.
6-  Director of the Youth Empowerment Directorate at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs.
7-  Director of Communication and Environmental Awareness Directorate at the executive apparatus of the Supreme Council for Environment.
8-  Director of the Community Partnership Directorate at the Ministry of Education.
9-  Director of the Television Directorate at the Ministry of Information Affairs.
10- Head of Psychiatric Hospital.
11- Head of Medical Services at the Primary Healthcare Centres.
12- Head of the Cardiology Department at Government Hospitals.
13- Consultant and Head of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at the Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Specialist Cardiac Centre.
14- Senior Family Medicine Consultant at the BDF Hospital.
15- Consultant of Endocrinology and Diabetes at King Hamad University Hospital.
16- A member of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
17- President of the Bahrain Cancer Society.
18- President of the Bahrain Anti-Smoking Society.
19- Vice-President of the Bahrain Diabetes Society.

Members of the  Taskforce shall be appointed as per an edict by the Minister of Health with the coordination with relevant entities.

During its first meeting, the Taskforce shall choose a deputy chairman among its members, who will undertake the duties of the chairman during his or her absence.

Members shall serve renewable three-year terms. In case the position of a member becomes vacant, a new member from the same entity shall be appointed to complete the term of their predecessor.

The Taskforce shall undertake the following duties:
1-  Develop a national plan to combat chronic non-communicable diseases, based on the global strategy, the unified Gulf Plan to control non-communicable diseases, and the Manama Document to control non-communicable diseases.
2-  Devising executive plans and developing joint programmes and activities among the relevant entities.
3-  overseeing programmes and efforts to combat chronic noncommunicable diseases, as well as assessing and monitoring their implementation.
4-  Coordinating efforts with the private sector in combating chronic non-communicable diseases.
5-  Raising health awareness about the risk factors leading to chronic non-communicable diseases.
6-  Studying the legislations and regulations related to the control of chronic non-communicable diseases and expressing recommendations.
7-  Supporting the means of research and studies on chronic non-communicable diseases.

The Chairman of the Taskforce shall appoint a Secretary-General from within the Ministry of Health.
The Taskforce shall meet at the invitation of its chairperson or deputy chairperson at least once every three months or whenever the need arises. The meeting shall be valid if attended by the majority of its members, provided that the chairman or the deputy is among them.

The Taskforce issues its decisions and recommendations by a majority vote of the present members. In the event of a tie, the side with which the chairperson votes wins.

The chairperson shall submit reports on the Taskforce’s work every three months.

The Taskforce may seek the assistance of experts and specialists it deems appropriate to its duties to attend its meetings, provided that they do not vote in its deliberations.

The chairperson may issue edicts to form sub-committees in the fields they specify.

Edict (18) of 2012 on the National Taskforce on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases or any text that conflicts with the provisions of this edict shall be abrogated.

The Minister of Health and those concerned, each in their capacity, shall implement the provisions of this edict, which takes immediate effect and will be published in the Official Gazette.